... help your city to discover how creative it is ...

Charles Landry and Jonathan Hyams have developed the Creative City Index. This strategic tool assesses and measures the imaginative pulse of cities.

This website allows respondents in the survey to login and complete the questionnaire.

Conceived with the Basque Country region of Biscay and its core city Bilbao, the Creative City Index uses three elements - an internal assessement, an external assessment, and a web based survey.

The ten indicators of a creative place
Within each of ten defined domains there are identified key indicators of creativity, resilience and the capacity to future proof a city. These are:

  • Political & public framework
  • distinctiveness, diversity, vitality and expression
  • openness, trust, tolerance & accessibility
  • entrepreneurship, exploration & innovation
  • strategic leadership, agility & vision
  • talent & the learning landscape
  • communication, connectivity & networking
  • the place & placemaking
  • liveability & well-being
  • professionalism & effectiveness

To find out more about the index please email us at enquiries@comedia.org.uk